Weekly update from Fr. Catania 4-22-17

Dear members and friends of St. Barnabas,

Greetings in this Octave of Our Lord's Resurrection. I would like to reiterate the thanks published in Sunday's bulletin to all those who worked so hard on the solemn liturgies of Holy Week. First, I'd like to acknowledge our interim organist and choir director Ms. Bernadette Smith and the members of our choir, who ably provided music for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Day. In addition, thanks to Mr. Sean Reed and our faithful corps of altar servers, for their dedication not only during the liturgies themselves, but also during the rehearsals necessary to carry our the unique ceremonies of Holy Week. And finally, a special thanks to Mr. James Pierson, for arranging the palms, flowers, and sanctuary, and for singing with the choir. Their combined efforts made my first Holy Week at St. Barnabas truly memorable.

As I write, we have just closed on our new rectory, located at 4124 Davenport St., two short blocks west of the church. In the coming weeks, we will be relocating the church offices there, and by early summer, I will take up residence. I am engaging Mr. Patrick Loveless as our new sexton, who will eventually reside in the carriage house apartment at the new rectory. But until then, he has begun staying in the rectory proper so that the house is not left empty. Patrick has already proven himself most helpful, and will no doubt continue to do so once he formally takes up his duties, which will include security for all of our properties. Our final real estate acquisition for the foreseeable future will occur at the end of next week, when we will close on 3915-3921 Davenport St.

Once I am in residence at the rectory and no longer have responsibilities at Christ the King Parish, I look forward to devoting my undivided attention to St. Barnabas. With the help of our Pastoral and Finance Councils, I anticipate making some longer-range plans for the spiritual and numerical growth of our congregation. As I have stated previously, my major goal for this year is for St. Barnabas to be canonically established as a parish of the Ordinariate. This will require a significant commitment on the part of every member of the St. Barnabas family, but I remain confident that we are up to the challenges ahead of us. As always, bless do not hesitate to share any thoughts you may have directly with me.

Wishing you a blessed Eastertide, I remain

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Jason Catania
Parochial Administrator